The Problem

Less than 1 in 4 US kids experience the recommended level of activity, a number that has fallen every year since 2011. This will decline further as our current economic crisis leads to the closure of local sports leagues. (Read More)

Kids from low-income homes are now only half as likely to play a team sport as kids from high-income homes.

30% of children from low income homes don’t participate in any sport, organized or pickup, even just for one day a year. That’s 3x fewer than kids from more affluent homes.

The Cause

Lack of Facilities – Scarce facilities in urban communities mean kids don’t just fight an uphill battle to participate in organized sports, but also struggle to find a place for spontaneous play.

High Cost – Low-income parents cannot afford the escalating costs of organized sports. On average, parents spend more than $5,000 per year for their kids to play.

Hyper-Specialization – Kids are specializing in sports at a young age due to increasing pressures from parents and society. This limits the options and access for non-advanced athletes.

The OUI Solution

OUI converts underutilized public basketball courts and blacktops into accessible multi-sport play spaces. Using our unique, low-cost court conversion technology and neighborhood investment strategy, we provide a safe way for children to experience the benefit of sampling sports without organizational or cost barriers.

OUI aims to

  • Raise interest and access for sampling sports — recreational and organized
  • Promote positive health and wellness benefits for low-income communities
  • Provide cost-effective multi-sport offerings to municipalities
  • Equip organizations and families with the tools and resources to open play

We plan to do this by leveraging our

Government Relationships – Our partnerships with local governments help us identify and unlock spaces that are underutilized, up for refurbishment, and would benefit from our work.

Network of Partners – OUI has the support of prominent organizations across the nation that are dedicated to making sport and play accessible to kids everywhere.

Proprietary Tech – GOALPHER is a patent-pending, low-cost innovative goal that can be installed under the court surface, brought up to facilitate new play options, and safely recessed when not being used.

Help us #OpenPlay today.